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Rules & Regulations

NYTA Tennis Leagues General Rules and Eligibility

Adult League Rules

  • Friday Participation League (7:00 PM) Ladies Doubles, Men’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
  • Veteran's Mixed League Option 1 (Saturday 9:15 AM ) (40 & over) Two Men’s Doubles, One Ladies Doubles
  • Veteran's Men's League Option 2 (Saturday 9:15 AM ) (40 & over) Two Men’s Doubles, One Men’s Singles
  • Ladies A1 League (Monday 9: 30 AM) Three Ladies Doubles
  1. All players must be paid up club members.
  2. Clubs must contact each other at least 2 days prior to the upcoming match to confirm readiness. It is very important to make this contact.
  3. Players may only play in one ladies League. Clubs found to be using players who have played in the other division of the league will have that match with the ineligible player defaulted and a default penalty issued as per the default rule.
  4. JUNIORS ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE: (Ladies "A1" and "A2" - One Girl 16 - 18 yrs.) Juniors ranked provincially in the top 20 are ineligible to participate in these adult leagues.
  5. Full time playing professionals or players ranked in the top 20 in any OPEN CLASS rankings as noted in the "Ontario Tennis" publication is ineligible.
  6. Clubs in the spirit of fair play should play their players in the proper order (example: The #1 team should be in the #1 position not the #3 position).
    a. Ladies A1
    i) Matches are best two of three sets with 12-point tiebreakers at 6 games all.
    ii) One point awarded for each set won.
    b. Veteran Men's
    i) Play 2 sets with a 12-point tie-breaker at 1 set each.
    ii) One point awarded for each set won.
    c. Friday Participation
    i) i.Play 2 sets with a 12-point tie-breaker at 1 set each.
    ii) One point awarded for each set won.
  8. League play takes precedence for courts at site.
  9. The Cricket Club has a white tennis clothing (with 10% colour trim) only rule. Please make sure to inform your team members of this rule.
  10. Clubs must field sufficient players as noted below:
    a. Veteran’s Leagues: 2 of the 3 matches
    b. Ladies Leagues: 2 of the 3 matches
    c. Friday Participation: 2 of 3 matches
    NOTE: Clubs not fielding the above minimum matches will forfeit the entire fixture. Repeat defaulting of matches can cause dismissal from the league.
    NOTE: A club, knowing in advance they have defaults must advise the opposing Captain no later than two days prior to the fixture. Failure to do so requires that the NYTA be advised. Not advising opposing captain of your defaults as indicated can cause dismissal from the league. A two-point penalty will be assessed for any default and three or more defaults will make your club ineligible for that league the following season.
  11. If a fixture is not started due to inclement weather in the form of a "rain out" the two clubs will attempt to have the fixture made up within two weeks. If the match can not be arranged within the allotted time the points will be split. Please submit scorecards for split point matches.
  12. If a fixture experiences excessive high temperature at game time the captains have the option of splitting points or re scheduling within 10 days. The clubs must advise the NYTA of their decision and the NYTA will resolve disputes. The NYTA relies on good judgement being exercised in these cases.
  13. If a fixture is interrupted by weather, points will count for completed matches and split for incomplete matches. There will be no rainout re- scheduled.
  14. Teams will have the Captains exchange line ups prior to start of the fixtures. Both will send a copy of the scorecard to the NYTA as soon as possible, to be received by NYTA no later than 10 days from fixture date. Scores can be emailed or posted.
  15. 5 minute WARM-UPS and 20 minute default rule in effect.
  16. Approved footwear and recognized tennis clothing to be worn.
  17. Light refreshments, (Fruit and Juice is the minimum) and new balls to be provided by host clubs. No exceptions.
  18. No substitutions allowed once a match starts and line-up submitted. If forced to retire, player is defaulted. Points go to opponents.
  19. Player must have played at least twice during the season to play in the Veteran Mixed & Men s play-offs.
  20. Trophies will be awarded to winning clubs.
  21. LOCATION AND "HOME GAMES" All "Home" games must be played at the club's established club site unless played elsewhere due to court re-building or re- surfacing.


NOTE TO ALL TEAMS: Results must be SENT IN BY BOTH TEAMS, either mailed, faxed, or emailed by both clubs to:

MAIL: NYTA, PO Box 898 Station B, Willowdale, Ontario M2K 2R1
FAX: 416-496-3892

Click on the link below to view and print the application form:
NYTA Adult Leagues Rules and Regulations

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